About us

Brighten Up Your Space with the Glow of Bee Coco Candles!

The notion of kickstarting Bee Coco Candle was forever a retirement plan 'wild idea'. Throughout the past two decades, I've frequently mentioned my desire to retire to a remote countryside, craft candles, keep a couple of goats, and produce goat's milk soaps.

Although I'm not old enough to retire (yet), and I don't have any goats or live in the countryside (yet), I've decided to kickstart my candle making dream!

To me, what matters most is making a product that's squeaky clean. With an autoimmune disease, it's a real struggle to find toxin-free products, especially candles!

This is why I created Bee Coco Candle.

We have taken extra care in sourcing all of our wax and fragrances to be safe. Our beeswax products are sustainable & 100% organic California beeswax. We do not add fragrance to our beeswax since it emits a natural light fragrance of honey. In our coconut-soy wax blend candles and wax melts, we only use non-toxic fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils. We do not use straight essential oil because there are quite a few that can be toxic to humans and pets when burned/heated. You can also rest assured that all of our scented products are paraben & phthalate-free. We only use lead-free cotton wicks and our jars can be repurposed - so save those lids!
Thank you for finding our tiny studio. I am so excited to be able to share my dream with you.
- Noreen
Founder, Maker + Co-owner