About us

Brighten Up Your Space with the Non-Toxic Glow of Bee Coco Candles!

The notion of kickstarting Bee Coco Candle was a forever 'wild idea' retirement plan.

Bee Coco Candle was created by husband and wife, Eric & Noreen Francis in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

With Noreen's autoimmune disease and having one staffordshire terrier and two cats, it is a real struggle to find non-toxic household products, especially candles. What matters most to this duo are products that are safe and clean. This is why Bee Coco Candle was created.

Bee Coco Candle have taken extra care in sourcing all of their wax and fragrances to be safe. They do not use straight essential oils because there are quite a few oils that can become toxic to humans and pets when burned or heated. All of their scents are paraben & phthalate-free, Prop 65 compliant and many of their fragrances are infused with essential oils making them safe to burn. They only use lead-free cotton wicks and the jars can be repurposed!

Bee Coco Candle hand pours their scented candles in a Leaping Bunny Certified coconut-apricot wax blend. Early in 2024, they tested their entire scented candle line and moved away from using a coconut-soy blend to allow the soy allergy population to enjoy the ambiance of a candle that is non-toxic and safe for them to handle and inhale. The coconut-apricot wax burns beautifully with no tunneling or soot. 

Bee Coco Candle also hand pours a beeswax melts, tea lights and a balm for dry skin. 'da balm' is hand poured using organic beeswax from a family farm in Kane County, Illinois. They do not add fragrance to 'da balm'  since beeswax has a natural light fragrance of honey. This balm works great on dry skin as well as cracked paws or for protecting paws in the winter.

Bee Coco Candle is committed to maintaining the safest and cleanest products. We want our community to experience the joy of using something amazing and be confident knowing that they are burning the safest, highest-quality candle on the market.