How to take care of candles

By following these easy steps you will learn how to take care of candles and how to bring out the most in your Bee Coco Candle. By following this guide you will ensure your candle burns evenly making the wax and fragrance last for many hours. Before you light your candle make sure to always protect the surface on which the candle sits. 


Step 1: Trim

Prior to each lighting, trim the wick to 1/4” for a clean and smoke free burn. Don't forget to trim the candle wick before the first use as well. Keep you candle clean of all debris such as wick trimmings and used matches. If you do not have a trimmer, you can always pick one up right here at Bee Coco Candle.


Step 2: Burn

On your first light, be sure the surface is level and allow the entire top layer of wax to melt, minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours. There will be some “wax wall hanging,” but that’s normal.


Step 3: Center

Sometimes the wick drifts, so please ensure the wick is centered. After each burn, adjust the wick while the wax is still molten. Once it is cooled down, it will be back to the center position.


Step 4: Drafts

For a proper burning, keep away from drafts or open windows.


Step 5: Never leave a burning candle unattended

Keep lit candles in sight while burning and away from kids and pets.


Step 6: Up-Cycle

When a 1/4” of wax is left in your candle, it’s time to up-cycle the Bee Coco Candle jar. Always remove the remaining wax. You can read our blog,  How to easily get wax out of a candle jar for step by step instructions. 

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