Jar Recycling or Upcycling

Whether you are looking for ways to upcycle your used jar or wanting to return your jar to be recycled, Bee Coco Candle is here for it! 


Bee Coco Candle is dedicated to reducing as much waste as possible to make a positive environmental impact. From our wicks, our wax, our recycled packaging and beyond. It is our goal to ensure our business practices are as sustainable as possible.


That is why we are happy to announce our new Jar Return Program for 2023!


Tag us in a photo of your candle jars second life on Instagram @beecococandle or if you can't find any use for it, we will gladly accept your spent jars to recycle them.


Simply return your used jars from past orders, or if you are ready to ditch your not so clean previous purchases from any other candle brand and you will receive $2.00 credit towards future online candle purchases.


If you are local, we can arrange a contactless drop off or pick-up location and we can also accept drop offs at any of the local events we attend.


Don't worry if there is wax left over in your jar when you return your jar. We will clean them and get them ready for their new owner. Only unbroken jars will be accepted


Fine Print:
A maximum of 10 candle jars per return accepted.

Minimum purchase requirements:

1-5 jars: You will receive a code for $2 -$10 off with a minimum purchase of $25

6-10 jars: You will receive a code for $12 - $20 off with a minimum purchase of $50

> > Maximum of 50 jars per person per calendar year accepted. < <