Does Bee Coco Candle Offer a Pour Your Own Scent Candle Bar Experience?

TLDR - No we do not. 

(Continue reading for the why)

At Bee Coco Candle we make sure our candles excel from start to finish with rigorous burn tests. Testing is essential to ensure that all of our candle components work well together. We want to be sure our candles achieve a steady burn, do not tunnel, do not extinguish themselves, do not throw soot from a flame that is too large, do not burn too hot which can cause glass vessels to explode resulting in lacerations and burns — ultimately safety for our community is our number one priority.

There are a number of variables to keep in mind while testing which include wax, choosing single or multiple fragrances, the percentage of fragrance and what the wax recommendation is, wick size and of course the vessel. We prove each formula before revealing to our non-toxic candle community a new scent.

Industry standard states that 3 full burn tests should take place before making a final decision on which candle wick size or type to use. Each test should be 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the candle. At Bee Coco Candle, we burn in increments of 4 hours until the full wick is burned which averages around 70 hours.

It is recommended that candle makers conduct the testing phase with 3-5 candles at the same time, to ensure consistency. 

Keep in mind that each candle vessel option of different sizes and materials, plus fragrances means the downside is determining the wick sizes that will differ every time a variable is altered.

So no. We do not feel comfortable knowing the hazards and putting our community at risk by allowing unique candles that have never been tested to leave our hands branded with our name on them. We will always provide the safest option.

Click here to see an example of Target cande jars exploding from running too hot 


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