Finding the Perfect Candle Size for Your Home

Explore the luxurious non-toxic scented candles by Bee Coco Candle. Hand crafted with vegan, Leaping Bunny Certified coconut-apricot wax that is made in the USA. When you burn a Bee Coco Candle, you will experience all the clean-burning properties, no tunneling, great fragrance retention, and superior hot throw when compared to soy candles.

Find Your Room's Perfect Candle Match in Our 13 oz Collection!

Fragrance Intensity:
Coconut-apricot wax tends to hold fragrance oils better than soy wax. If you enjoy a stronger scent throw, you will appreciate our new larger vessels that allow for a larger wax pool and thus release more fragrance into the air.

Burn Time:
Larger candles generally burn longer. Bee Coco Candle's burn with no soot and no tunneling for 70+ hours!  

Décor and Placement:
Kitchens, Living Rooms and Bedrooms:
Our jar candles are the perfect decorative accents and provide a cozy ambiance.

Bathrooms and Small Spaces: Smaller sizes like votives or travel tins are suitable and can add a pleasant fragrance without overwhelming the space.

Always ensure that the size of the candle is appropriate for its holder or surface. Our jar candles should be placed on stable, heat-resistant surfaces to prevent accidents.

Personal Preference:
Ultimately, the size of the candle should align with your personal preferences and the atmosphere you wish to create in each room of your home.


Consider experimenting with different scents in multiple rooms to find what works best for your home and lifestyle.

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