Getting The Most Out of Your Beeswax Votives

  1. Optimize your burn with the perfect holder! Votives are designed to melt while burning and fill their container. It's like a Goldilocks situation. The holder needs to be just right. Without a container, your votive will burn for a few hours and then waste away as unused beeswax. Too large of a container means your wick will run out before the wax. The perfect holder allows your votive to fill any gaps and burn consistently for a long time. Treat yourself with a holder that fits our votives perfectly (diameter matters more than height). Shop our beautiful 100% recycled glass votive holders!
  2. Trim the wick: Before re-lighting your votive (or most any candle) it's always a good idea to trim the wick to about 1/4". Trimming candle wicks prevents the wick from "torching" (burning hot and smoky), extending the overall quality and duration of your candle's burn.
  3. For optimal burning: Light your votive in a holder and let the wax melt to the edge before snuffing it out. This ensures a longer burn time and less mess when refilling.
  4. Maximize Your Beeswax: Once you're down to about 1/4" of wax, go ahead and let the votive burn right through until the wick self-extinguishes. Beeswax has a very high melting temperature, so if you blow the candle out this late in the game, it's unlikely that the remaining wick will have a chance to melt and use the last of the beeswax before running out. 
  5. Refill! You can refill your holders over and over with our Raw Beeswax Votives.
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