PureWow: The 15 Best Nontoxic Candles to Help You Relax (& Breathe Easier)

As relaxing as your favorite scented candle is, it’s hard to unwind when you’re worried about what toxins it could be emitting. But, before you panic, let’s clear the air: While some candles produce vapors that can be unsafe to inhale in large doses, the amount you get from regularly burning them isn’t high enough to be cause for concern, according to the New York Times and Cleveland Clinic research.   

Even still, you probably want to limit your exposure to anything harmful, even in small doses, and there are plenty of options that are well worth your attention. To help take the pressure off of selecting the right one for you, we’ve rounded up some of the very best nontoxic candles so you can set the mood (whatever that may be) without, well, killing it.

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Sun Dried Linen 8oz Candle


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